Do you love DIY wood projects? I’m Michael and I’m here today to reveal that you can literally build whatever you desire.

Without looking for plans, spending days, weeks or months especially having to hire a professional to do it for you. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on the overall cost.

This is quite achievable without having the resources of expensive tools. You don’t need a grand workshop to create your first project. It’s simple and easy to follow.

No more frustration and following plans that aren’t detailed enough or Inaccurate measurements. The diagrams never match up with the instructions.

Sure you can go out and buy a collection of books and magazines but I’ve done exactly that. However it only left me with unfinished projects and wasted time, money and effort.

Invariably they assume to build these DIY wood projects you already have the skills of a master craftsman. You don’t have years of experience to improvise on plans that require advance joinery skills.

I had a workshop full of power tools that cost me a fortune and never got used again. I still had to source more information online which set me back even further and I was no better off.

DIY Wood Projects
My Power Tools

For a hobby that I was so passionate about it got me thinking is this for me. It’s was just too much of an uphill struggle and I was at the end of my tether. How hard can it be just to build simple DIY wood projects?

I reached the point where I felt like giving up! We had just brought our first home and I was in the process of renovating it. My carpentry skills I learned at school over the years never really served me in good stead. I realised I was well out of my depth and something needed to change, I simply didn’t have the ability.

I wasn’t in a financial position to hire professionals. They charged extortionate prices and I had a relatively small budget, we were expecting out first child within 3 months. The clock was against me and I was running out of time so I literally had no choice.

It was a case of finishing something that I had started. All this remarkably changed for me within 2 weeks and I’m going to let you into a secret of mine. This is how I did it. Click HERE to learn more.

So what changed my overall outlook on DIY wood projects and accomplishing my goal?

I was invited to a BBQ by our newly established neighbours (Chris & Jane) who had welcomed us into the local village. Walking through their home I was overwhelmed by the craftsmanship and exceptional quality of the interior furnishings.

Wow! I was literally blown away, at first I just assumed he was a professional joiner but apparently not. As it turned out he also shared the same passion as me and loved DIY wood projects himself.

When he mentioned he had never done any wood working until 1 year ago, my jaw just dropped.

I couldn’t believe it, I thought to myself: “No way!” he’s definitely puling my leg or it’s an elaborate joke. But he just stood there and laughed.

Well like myself Chris hadn’t lived in the neighbourhood for very long but found himself pretty much in the same position. He was also renovating his home a year ago, I kept asking myself how did he do it? Click HERE to learn more.


diy wood projects
Hall desk that Chris made.


He could see me trying to make sense of all this. So to save me the trouble and suspense he just handed me a beer in my hand. Take a seat he said and I’ll tell you all about it.

I was really intrigued but enthusiastic at the same time. DIY wood projects couldn’t be more easier he said and quite simple. I’m going to let you into a secret that made it all possible for me.

But before jumping straight into it he started right from the beginning telling me this story. It was all leading up to this big secret which I was itching to hear all about…

Chris had also searched endlessly on the internet, browsing dozens of web pages trying to find a reputable trustworthy resource. All he came across was the same conflicting information that was misleading.

He had brought manuals, online downloadable plans, so called best seller magazines almost anything he could get his hands on. All it amounted to was sketches of plans, diagrams that were very vague. Instructions that didn’t match up with measurements and missing vital sections.

DIY wood Projects
Kitchen Chair For Chris’s son


Plans that were offered for free online but then you had to opt in for one of their subscriptions. You ended up having to provide your personal details and email addresses which wasn’t very reassuring.

The whole process for most of theses DIY wood projects were grossly misrepresented and it all became costly. Blatant errors, unclear instructions, wrong information and all very confusing.

What was to become your pride and joy became your worst nightmare and ended up spending a small fortune. Materials that just piled up in the corner of your garage or shed and in the end you achieved nothing. It left you with the frustration of failure, leaving you feeling disillusioned and ready to trade your tools in.

It’s really not your fault, there are too many companies out there that claim they have precision blueprint plans. If you followed their instructions you could build any DIY wood projects seamlessly and effortlessly.

They charged too much, no further customer support, no additional resources or even a money back guarantee. Contacting them can be near impossible as many don’t often reply to emails or don’t even provide the information.

Well I sat and listened to Chris and I could honestly relate to everything he had said. After all, doing something you love and passionate about shouldn’t drive you to resenting your hobby. DIY wood projects should be simple, enjoyable and most of all give you that self achievement completing of your project.


Diy wood projects
Chris’s elegant coffee table


The worlds Largest DIY wood projects database, it’s phenomenal and you’re going to find out why!

So I had to ask him again after the big build up to what this secret really was I was dying to know. What was it that changed everything for him and literally turned him into what I thought was a master craftsman. Click HERE to learn more.

Like myself he very nearly threw the towel in, but his wife Jane suggested to enrol on a joinery course. This was to at least get the basic fundamental skills to make a start on his DIY wood projects.

So whilst searching online at work during his lunch break he came across an advert that caught his attention. He shifted his focus onto this link that was appertaining to DIY wood working and joinery projects.

As if it was by chance and meant to happen that way, finding something he wasn’t even looking for. What are the odds of that happening? Realising this was the one thing that was going to literally change his life.

Landing on that page was almost like a lottery win for him. The presentation video was astonishing to watch and he realised how comprehensive this complete package was.

After watching it till the very end he summed it all up as a 100% no-brainer and wasn’t passing this opportunity up.

DIY wood Projects
Laundry unit for the kitchen


Well this is where it gets really interesting, I’m going to tell you now exactly what really did it for Chris. All this opened up endless, countless opportunities to build DIY wood projects that he couldn’t even possibly imagine.

It might sound elaborate or you might have doubts just like Chris did at first. As I discovered later it  truly was an incredible all round Package. So he went on to explain.

He went through and purchased the complete package then received his account details for his membership and login credentials. What he was about to uncover was phenomenal! The sheer volume within this library resource that he had now acquired was so overwhelming 

Thousands of plans with step by step blueprints that will enable you to build any project imaginable. Two master craftsmen over a 20 year period put this phenomenal resource together. It’s a catalogue of their own work over their career.

DIY Wood Projects
Chris’s garden trailer

They have used their skills, knowledge, experience and engineering of every conceivable technique they’ve learnt throughout their career. They wrote it all down in the most comprehensive manual.

Chris referred to it as his “bible”. It’s what’s molds you and develops your skills to be able to accomplish and achieve anything. You could turn wood into a magnificent work of art! A database of over 16,000 step by step “done for you plans” of DIY wood projects.

When you start you’ll get quick access to any project in the complete database. Then you can choose from the thousands of designs and types. Whatever DIY wood projects you desire or specifically require, it’s all there. 

I was totally soled on the idea by now as Chris elaborated further. Literally thousands of designs with access to the most unique ideas with complete instructions and details. Whatever type of project you’ll ever need or want to build, it was all there. There’s plans from large furniture to small crafts, outdoor projects to toys and everything in-between.

Diy wood projects
His bar/cooler box


5 critical elements that will make building your projects simplistic and straight forward. This is what made all the difference in anything he’s ever come across. This made the entire learning and build process so seamlessly effortless. Click HERE to learn more.

Theses are as follows:

1. A complete material, cut and tool list. You get the exact materials, tools and cutting list for every project. You’ll have that peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to buy the exact amounts. This essentially means you’ll avoid multiple trips to the store. More importantly avoid spending money on the wrong materials or wrong quantities on your diy wood projects.

2. Precision detailed instructions. This will guide you from start to finish and ensure you’re never left wondering or guessing. It kept you on the right track and you knew what to do next.

3. 3 Dimensional diagrams. For every step including the complete finished project with expanded views so none of the details are ever left out. It really make easy work out of the most challenging woodworking projects that you can ever imagine.

4. High quality photos and videos. These visual elements are so crucial to guiding and walking you through every step of your project. You’ll be able to see details of every angle, every corner and every joint. You couldn’t get anything as simple and straight forward to make building your DIY wood projects an absolute pleasure. It’s almost as everything just falls into place!

5. Time and difficulty levels. This enables you to evaluate each individual project based on the time factor and difficulty level. You can make an informed decision whether any of the  projects you’re working on is suited to to your skills. As you develop in your joinery you can then take on bigger and more complex projects on a grand scale.

DIY wood Projects
His bathroom cabinet with sink


Having this unique 5 element plan in place is almost like having a master craftsman by your side. It keeps you on track and guides you through the entire process every step of the way. You also get thousands of plans to cater for people with all levels of skill and competence.

Whether you’re a beginner, amateur, intermediate or professional this package is designed for everybody’s level of skill. You’ll find thousands of DIY wood projects that will best suit you.

Anyway he went up stairs to his office and brought down his laptop. Within minutes he had logged into his membership area to give me a good insight to this whole concept. I had already made up my mind I was having it.

My wife Catherine walked over to see what all the fuss was about. I could almost read her mind, a crib she said for our expected new born. I smiled at her and paused for a moment, my attitude now was more determined to achieve my goal. Click HERE to learn more.

She was so excitement and I could see it in her eyes and to my surprise she actually purchased it. I now had the full access.

DIY Wood Projects
Chris’s swing bench ready to install

She laughed and said I’ve got a long list of things you’ll need to get cracking on with. No excuses now, but I felt reassured and confident knowing it’s all possible now.

After dinner Chris took me to his garage and revealed his workshop. He had entirely handcrafted it from start to finish. Well after an eventful evening and talking about nothing other than DIY wood projects I couldn’t wait to start. I Planned to build our first baby crib.

Well I downloaded the plans with the exact materials, tools and cutting list for what I needed. I watched the training videos and it was 100% what you see is what you get step by step instructions. This was what would guided me through the entire process.

It was a big learning curve for me but I gained the techniques, skills and knowledge. This brought my progress on leaps and bounds and I’m so grateful for it.

Since then I’ve gone on to make dozens of crafts, outdoor and indoor furnishings. All this has been the most rewarding satisfying experience, It really was a good investment.

Even still to this day I’m always planing DIY wood projects in my spare time. I’ve got loads of ideas that keeps me busy doing what I love.


DIY wood projects
My First Project! The crib I made for our first born


Over 16,000 DIY wood projects to choose from the worlds largest database and you can access to this all now!

I’ve become a master craftsman due to this transitional period but not certified or accredited but in my own rights. I’m proud of that and it’s been my achievement.

Enough about me now, here’s exactly what you’re going to get and I guarantee you’ll be thanking me for this. You’d wished you got your hands on this years ago and you’ll know it’s the answer you’ve been looking for.

Discover the complete satisfaction and sense of achievement and being able to build your DIY wood projects. You’ll do this quicker and easier than you ever thought were possible. All it requires from you is to take action today, don’t procrastinate or put it off any longer. You’ll only regret it or wish you taken this opportunity.

I wanted to share my passion with all you DIY enthusiast and point you in the right direction. To get full access to this complete Package follow the link below and enjoy a whole new experience of woodworking.

DIY Wood Projects