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Have you’ve got an eye for elegant wood design? Without having the plans to handcraft these amazing projects that are eye-catching, it’s a difficult task to begin with.

If you’re a master craftsman, intermediate or just a beginner it’s essential to have the right resources to achieve anything.  

Choosing your style of design whether it’s outside garden furniture, toys or even small crafts requires reliable plans. Everyone has their own preference and area of expertise where they specialise in. Ornamental crafts, kitchen and bedroom furnishings or even pets, you can build anything you want. 

However, you still need to take a stock check of your tools, materials and resources. Having your plans and diagrams with the correct information is crucial to every project you build. What would make the whole process so simple and effective is, access to a comprehensive database to assist you. Click HERE to learn more.

The largest wood design resource with a database containing over 16,000 designs and plans

This has a unique concept to woodworking, It’s formulated with blueprint plans with a built-in package for every individual project. Just think before you’ve decided what you’re building, a lot of planing goes into the entire project.

How much you want to spend and overall cost, then your measurements and plans. There’s also has to be a purpose in mind for the project and timescale to complete it. Your tools you’ll need are vitally important to construct it.

Wood design
Designed Hand crafted boat


Now lets take any project for example, a small elegant peace or or something on a grand scale. It’s already been made and packaged for you in this unique blueprint manual. 

What I mean is the correct materials and quantities have been calculated, The tools you need, your cutting list and 3-dimensional diagrams provided. Then the precise measurements with instructions and high resolution photos included.

That’s not all, with this package comes with 150 training videos to guide you through the process. The wood design has plans that have their own sketches that are expandable to reveal every  corner, joint and angle too. This makes sure that every square inch of the project is clearly illustrated. Click HERE to learn more.

It really is that simple, the concept behind this is to assist you by using a 5 element plan. From start to finish you’ll same money, time and avoid unnecessary trips to the building merchants for your supplies.  

Wood design
Great design! solid workbench


The package applies these elements so you can assess your skills and ability. According to the difficultly level of each project, you can determine whether it’s suited to your competency. All the techniques and methods are shown to you in all the visual aids and how to apply them.

This is truly an all-round complete package with a database filled with thousands of plans

Essentially this helps you with resolving any issues that you may come up against. Any wood design that you choose as a project, you’ll complete in half the time and have all the resources. This guides you through the steps and keeps you on the right track. Click HERE to learn more.

It’s a trustworthy, reliable resource that will make all the difference with all your DIY woodworking projects. When I first started out years ago, this improved my carpentry skills significantly.

Wood design
Book Storage


Woodworking is a passion of mine and it’s help me achieve and build everything I’ve set my mind to over the years. Sharing this information with you will bring your DIY skills on much further and open up many more opportunities for you.

To get your hands on this brilliant resource and get access to your wood design plans, simply follow the link below. 

Wood Design





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