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DIY Wood Projects

Do you love DIY wood projects? I’m Michael and I’m here today to reveal that you can literally build whatever you desire.

Without looking for plans, spending days, weeks or months especially having to hire a professional to do it for you. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on the overall cost.

This is quite achievable without having the resources of expensive tools. You don’t need a grand workshop to create your first project. It’s simple and easy to follow. No more frustration and following plans that aren’t detailed enough or Inaccurate measurements.

The diagrams never match up with the instructions and nothing was consistent. Sure you can go out and buy a collection of books and magazines but I’ve done exactly that. However it only left me with unfinished projects and wasted time, money and effort.

Invariably they all assume to build these DIY wood projects you already have the skills of a master craftsman. The average person doesn’t have years of experience to improvise on plans that require advance joinery skills.

I had a workshop full of power tools that cost me a fortune and never got used again. I still had to source more information online which set me back even further and I was no better off.  This is what made all the difference – Download & Get Access Now.

Over 16,000 DIY wood projects to choose from the worlds largest database, with unique Blueprint plans & designs


For a hobby that I was so passionate about it got me thinking is this for me. It’s was just too much of an uphill struggle and I was at the end of my tether. How hard can it be just to build simple DIY wood projects?

I reached the point where I felt like giving up! My carpentry skills I learned at school over the years never really served me in good stead. I realised I was well out of my depth and something needed to change, I simply didn’t have the ability. However this all changed for me and I’m going to reveal a remarkable resource to you that made all the difference.

Thousands of plans with step by step blueprints that will enable you to build any project imaginable. Two master craftsmen over a 20 year period put this phenomenal resource together. It’s a catalogue of their own work over their career.

They have used their skills, knowledge, experience and engineering of every conceivable technique they’ve learnt throughout their career. They wrote it all down in the most comprehensive manual. Download & Get Access Now.

So what’s included with in this extensive range of all your blueprint furniture plans?


When you start you’ll get quick access to any project in the complete database. It’s a secure login for members which gives you the choice from the entire range. Whatever you desire or specifically require, it’s all there.

Literally thousands of designs with unique ideas , it all comes complete with instructions and details. Whatever type of project you’ll ever need or want to build, it was all there. There’s blueprint furniture plans from, small crafts, outdoor projects to toys and everything in-between.

There are 5 critical elements that will make building your projects simplistic and straight forward. This makes the entire learning and build process so seamlessly effortless.

You get the exact materials, tools and cutting list for every project. You’ll have that peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to buy the exact amounts. This essentially means you’ll avoid multiple trips to the store. More importantly avoid spending money on the wrong materials or wrong quantities on your blueprint furniture plans.

The database has a comprehensive list of unique designs & plans with things to make out of wood


There endless ideas and plans which are all designed to keep you on track and guide you through the entire process every step of the way. It’s simplicity at it’s very best because it compensates for everyone with all levels of skill and competence. Whether you’re a beginner, amateur, intermediate or professional, it makes no difference.

It comes with 3 dimensional diagrams for or every step including the complete finished project. Expanded views so none of the details are ever left out. It really make easy work out of the most challenging woodworking projects that you can ever imagine.

Precision detailed instructions which will guide you from start to finish and ensure you’re never left wondering or guessing. It kept you on the right track and you knew what to do next.

An overwhelming range of cool wood projects, new trends, ideas and designs that are becoming so popular


Think of all the latest and coolest designs that you could build, You’ll have fun in the process as well. Having the confidence in completing them is a rewarding feeling of self achievement.

High quality photos and videos are included. These visual elements are so crucial to guiding and walking you through every step of your project. You’ll be able to see details of every angle, every corner and every joint.

You couldn’t get anything as simple and straight forward. Building your cool wood projects will be an absolute pleasure. It’s almost as everything just falls into place! Download & Get Access Now.

If you prefer to build small wood projects then there’s an abundance of them, all within the 16.000 unique designs


If you feel comfortable with small scale projects, you’ll have them completed in no time and it’s a good starting point if you’re a beginner. Don’t worry about the length of time or difficulty level that you spend on each design, This resource enables you to evaluate each individual project based on those important factors.

You can make an informed decision whether any of the projects you’re working on is suited to to your skills. As you develop in your joinery you can then take on bigger and more complex projects on a grand scale.

Get access to some great wood craft ideas, in this package you’ll be spoilt for choice!


There’s that much to choose from the hardest thing you’ll find is where to start, you’ll be wanting to literally build everything. Take your time and enjoy the experience, it definitely won’t disappoint you.

Enough said from me because there’s far too much to elaborate on, If you’re intrigued enough to take action, then don’t procrastinate or put it off any longer. You’ll only regret it or wish you taken this opportunity.

I wanted to share my passion with all you DIY enthusiast and point you in the right direction. To get full access to this complete Package, follow the link below and enjoy a whole new experience of woodworking. Secure your membership today, there’s plenty of wood craft ideas to browse through.


DIY Wood Projects