Simple Wood Projects

Have you’ve been looking for the most simple wood projects with straight forward plans? I know how you feel.

Up until a few years ago I was in the position where I thought my search was complete nightmare. It was like “banging your head on a brick wall” and I had pretty much had enough. It led to nothing but disappointments and several failures.

I just felt I was making no headway in a hobby I’ve always been so passionate about.

Just to get hold of reliable plans and diagrams that you could actually follow felt near impossible. I’ve always lived for my DIY and love my woodworking, but now I’ve been able to build nearly anything I want or need.

However it did take me some time to get on the right track before things fell into place. To begin with my carpentry skills were terrible and it didn’t help trying to work off plans that were inadequate.

My power tools I brought I hardly used and a lot of my materials ended up in our log burner. Even for the most simple wood projects I found it difficult but that all changed for me. Download & Get Access Now. 

Well years later I’ve never looked back and It’s all thanks to a remarkable database. I got access to it back then and still use to this very day.

All I do is login to my secured members area with my credentials and download any project I want. Literally thousands of designs and plans from a choice of over 16,000. That’s an incredible collection. From outdoor and indoor furniture to small crafts and toys then everything in-between. 


The 5 element plan that makes simple wood projects so easy build

This plan ensures that whatever design you choose to build it will make the entire process so easy. It’s been put together to save you time, effort and most of all money. A concept that gives you peace of mind knowing that project will always turn out a success.

 1) You get the exact list for all your materials, your tools and cutting list regardless of what project you choose.

This way you save money on cost especially your journeys to the suppliers. You only buy the amount you need and avoid crucial mistakes of getting too little or more than you need. This also prevents you from buying the wrong materials.

2) Detailed Precision instructions that walk you through you project from start

to finish. You’ll never be left guessing what comes next or question if you’re doing it right.

3)  3-Dimensional diagrams with a breakdown of every section of the plan and the complete assembled project. This is to illustrate the finished product.  

4) High quality Photos with 150 training videos. This shows you how to apply the right techniques and methods to build the project and resolve issues that arise. 

5) Time management and personal assessment. This enables you to determine difficulty levels according to you skills and competencies.

Not only can you build simple wood projects but it makes easy work out of the most complex designs. You will have no limitations on what you can potentially build. Download & Get Access Now. 



Projects as simple and easy such as; Coasters, coat racks, cutting boards, knife blocks, stools, benches, shelves, trays, CD/DVD holders, frames and mailboxes. There’s plenty to choose from! perhaps if you’re looking for other ideas in joinery, check out my page for easy thing to make out of wood

The largest woodworking database in the world with thousands of simple wood projects

Nothing has to be difficult or out of your reach now, it’s all achievable with the help of this resource. It’s simple, easy and you’ll complete your projects in half the time without the frustration of badly publishes plans.

If any of this is what you’ve been waiting for then I wouldn’t hesitate any further. Not many people actually know of this but the word is getting out there and I’m only too happy to share this with all of you. 

This will be a small investment that will save you a shed load of money, time and give you results. You’ll be able to handcraft indoor and outdoor furnishings for yourself and family that will last for years.

Your home will reflect that personal touch and give you that feeling of self achievement. Make that change today! Trust me and take my word for it, you’ll be thanking me later.

To get access to this incredible resource and make a start on your simple wood projects click on the link below. Enjoy your DIY!


Simple Wood Projects

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