Small Wood Projects

Proud to say your hobby is DIY or woodworking and you enjoy making small wood projects then keep reading. I’m about  to share some valuable information with you. I love creating and building all my crafts from start to finish, it’s so rewarding and very easily achieved. 

Imagine having a resource library of designs and plans that will give you endless opportunities. It’s trustworthy with loads of positive feedback and reviews.

I can vouch for it as it made all the difference in my progression and made me what I am today.

A database of over 16,000 unique plans and designs and so much to choose from you’ll never run out of ideas. Filled with thousands of small wood projects and ideas to keep you busy doing the hobby you love.

I had to start with the basics in the beginning because my joinery skills and competency levels weren’t up to standard. However this taught me a great deal. Working with projects on a small scale helped me further down the line to advance onto more intricate designs. Download & Get Access Now.



That design above is quite simple, it gave me dozens of ideas to handcraft almost everything in my home. Garden furniture, workshop fittings and general DIY for all types of jobs.

What’s ideal is this amazing resource came with visual aids, high quality photos and a library of 150 tutorial videos. It assists and guides you through all the steps so none of the important details are left out.

A database of over 16,000 designs and plans, it gave me access to thousands of small wood projects

I never had to worry about wastage anymore because it came with a unique 5 element plan. All your materials, tools and cutting list was already calculated precisely with all your small wood projects.

No more multiple trips to the hardware store and buying too little or too much of what you needed. It saved me a ton of money, kept me on track and reduced the time to complete my project.

A brilliant addition to this package was the 3-dimensional diagrams. You could see the finished project and exploded views of every corner, joint and angle throughout the plan.

You didn’t have to worry if your skills matched the difficulty level for each project. It made it easy to assess your overall time to complete your craft based on your competency level. Download & Get Access Now.



Projects as small and easy such as; Music boxes, tool boxes, wooden toys, bird feeders, small crafts, containers, lamps, squirrel den box, lamps and bee hive plans.

This truly opened up a whole new world to my woodworking and made everything possible. It gave me the confidence in knowing that whatever project I started I’ll finish. Having the support and help including all the guides and aids in this package has improved my joinery skills remarkably.

This has everything you’ll need all in one place and through a secure login membership

I’m always recommending this to everyone that shares the same passion as I do and loves their woodworking. It’s resource you cant possible pass up! 

So I hope this article has given you enough information to make an informed decision and take that next step. Small wood projects will be more accessible to you and easier to build that ever before.

To take advantage of this comprehensive database and browse through thousands of blue print designs, click on the link below. Happy woodworking to all you DIY enthusiast!  


Small Wood Projects


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