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Are you are a keen woodworker and looking for something out of the usual? Then listen up. Cool wood projects are an awesome way to challenge your DIY skills.

I’m talking about great projects that stand out from the rest. However getting your hands on these great designs and plans isn’t always a walk in the park. What you need is the right resources to build literally anything. 

I had that problem for years but it’s a distant memory now. I’m going to tell you why and how it all changed for me, So what made the difference? Download & Get Access Now.

Access to the largest database in the world with thousands of cool wood projects

Getting hold of reliable plans can be a complete nightmare and frustrating. The sketches and instructions never match up with the plans and are always inaccurate.

Most of the time I ended up with unfinished projects and wasted a ton of money. My joinery and woodworking skills are the best they’ve ever been, an advance level now but they weren’t always.

I nearly enrolled on a joinery course, it was that or simply give up my beloved hobby. A good friend of mine who lives in the neighbourhood threw me a life line years ago. He introduced me to a resource that opened up endless opportunities. Just try imagine a database with over 16,000 designs and plans to choose from.

You had the choice from thousands of cool wood projects, the range was incredible! From indoor to outdoor furnishings, small crafts to kids toys the list went on. There’s enough plans to keep you busy with additional aids to assist you through from start to finish.



It had a unique 5 element plan, 150 tutorial videos and high resolution photos. The concept behind it is brilliant, it’s almost like holding you hand and walking you through the entire process. 3-dimensional diagrams with in-depth precision instructions which was so easy to follow. Download & Get Access Now.

A good example of a project you’ve decided to build would be as follows:

You get the exact itinerary of tools you need including all the materials and cutting list for the job. You never have to worry about getting too much or under estimating yourself. Measurements and diagrams that are Precise and give you a breakdown of the entire plan including the finished project.

Blown up views of every corner, angle and joint so it keeps you on the right track. The videos of these cool wood projects have professional craftsman teaching you all the methods and techniques. 

You are able to asses your competency levels and whether your skills are appropriate for each individual project. Best of all manage your time more effectively to determine the completion of your craft.


16,000 plans and diagrams with unique ideas for making cool wood projects

Whether you’re just a beginner, intermediate or experienced craftsman, this package has something for everyone on all levels. Download & Get Access Now.

Plans from Billiard/pool tables, pergolas, boat plans, Dog houses, windmills to carport plans and many more.You’ll now be able to build things more confidently and finish them in half the time saving you money as well.

The videos, guides and unique blueprint plans will teach you all you need to know and help develop your skills. This was very beneficial but it gave me the satisfaction of been able to craft something amazing with my hands.

Virtually everything in my home has been made in my workshop and there’s no limit to what I can do. Friends and family keep asking me to build them things, however it’s my own fault because I give them access. When they come over the first thing they ask is to login to my membership.

It’s all secure but they’re able to browse across the thousands of designs then put their orders in. I do make quite a bit of extra income from this and it keeps me busy. On my free time I’m making really cool wood projects, I download them from the database then make a start. It’s so easy.



Don’t hesitate any longer, this will be the making of you and open up opportunities that will never limit you. Take my advice, I’m here to share this with you all because I’m speaking from experience. This will make all the difference with your woodworking and give you the head-start you need.

I’m saving you the long tedious search trying to find reputable plans and designs online. The plans and full package will be available to you through your personal membership when you receive your login details. I wish all you DIY woodworkers the very best and please share your experiences with me. Click the link below and make a start on your cool wood projects today!


Cool wood projects


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