Blueprint furniture plans are a sought after resource to find. I’ve got the ideal package that gives you thousands of plans and designs to choose from.

If you’re thinking of handcrafting your home furnishings this will be ideal for you. It will save you tons of money and give you that sense of self achievement and personalise your home.

Building your own furniture has it’s advantages, the durability will ensure it’s long lasting. You can design and customise it around your interior and you’re not limiting yourself by a budget. 

Invariably you’ll find none of the high street shops will be selling what you can make by hand either. Instead of browsing through sketch books, magazines or unreliable online plans, why not take a look at this resource. Download & Get Access Now.

These online companies that make elaborate claims about their blueprint plans aren’t trustworthy. I’ve spent enough of my hard earned money on them and to be honest, it’s got me nowhere.



If you’re unsure of this, so was I at first, but it was the best investment I ever made. This resource is incredible and I still have access to the database with my lifetime membership

It gave me access to thousands of designs and has helped me develop my carpentry skills. I use it as a reference for all my DIY projects and it’s served me well over the past years. Download & Get Access Now.

The idea behind this unique concept makes the most challenging projects straight forward and easy to follow. Whatever level of experience you are, the system will guide you through the whole process.

A trustworthy database packed with blueprint furniture plans. Over 16,000 unique designs!

Every blueprint plan comes with a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the criteria you’ll need, the correct materials and amounts required. Your cutting list with the correct lengths and measurements including the tools needed for each project.



You’ll get visual aids to assist you that consist of high resolution photos and 3 dimensional diagrams. These are all expandable and illustrate views of every corner, angle and joint, this keeps you on the right track.

In this database, there’s a library resource of 150 training videos which will be beneficial to every blueprint furniture plan. Experienced master craftsmen demonstrate all their techniques and methods on how to overcome any problem.

It’s a collection of 20 years of custom designs and plans that have made this resource such a success. The whole concept makes building your projects so easy which saves you time, money and effort.

There’s a lot more to this complete package but it requires you taking action. By following the link provided you’ll be able to view a video that will give you a more in-depth summary. Download & Get Access Now.

I highly recommend this to anyone who takes their woodworking seriously whether it be family, friends or anyone.



With such an extensive range with over 16,000 designs, why go anywhere else when it’s all available here. Get your secure membership now and start crafting your blueprint furniture today.

To get your full access and browse through thousands of designs simply click on the link below. It will be your best decision yet and you’ll get the most comprehensive range of blueprint furniture plans. 


Blueprint Furniture



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