Cool Woodworking Projects

Crafting cool woodworking projects can be an awesome experience especially seeing the finished result. The question is, where do you find reliable plans that you can trust? I have an amazing online resource that will meet all your expectations in planning your next project.

A database with over 16000 genuine blueprint designs all available through a secure membership. Once you have full access, logging in to this system allows you to browse through the entire catalogue.

Forget about trying to figure out complicated diagrams with incorrect measurements. I’ve wasted enough of my time and money with plans I ended up throwing away. The blueprint plans I have access to, changed all that and I’ve never looked back. Download & Get Access Now.


A spreadsheet with a breakdown of all your materials with correct quantities, cutting list and tools needed. Exact measurements so no over estimating your timber cost. Saving money on all your cool woodworking projects will take the pressure off common mistakes often made.

Why go out and buy furnishings or mass produced product lines at inflated prices when you can create your own. The designs are all there and simple to follow throughout the whole process. An effective 5 element concept that is proven to accurately calculate time frames for each project. Download & Get Access Now.

Tutorial training videos with professionals guiding you and revealing all the techniques and methods. High quality sketches, diagrams showing every angle and corner. 

How cool woodworking projects broadens your skills in carpentry.

The kit for each design after downloading it, has a breakdown of all the exact materials and full cutting list. The measurements are calculated for you and clearly illustrated on spreadsheets.

You can’t go wrong, the same principle and process is applied to every plan in the database from thousands of listings. Check out my cool wood projects for a reference.

It certainly instils confidence and improves your skills in joinery with every new project you complete. So many people are joining thousand of others this online lifetime membership. Get yours today and transform your DIY.


Cool Woodworking Projects



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