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I welcome you to join our Facebook community where our followers are growing and we’re reaching people from all over the globe. I encourage people to engage with each other and share our latest news, post and increasingly new trends.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or just love your woodworking then it’s most certainly a great place to connect with others that share the same interest. I’m always looking for new resources, plans & designs within the marketplace so suggestions and enquiries are always a pleasure to receive.

As an affiliate marketer, I’ll point you in the right direction and recommend you to products and services that are reputable and trustworthy. It’s not just a focus on promotional content, I’m trying to created an interactive open forum where everybody can help and advise on their woodworking skills.

Well enough said from me, why not check it out and join in with people from all over the world. I’ll be publishing some new videos periodically and keep everyone up to date with my news.

Just follow the link – DIY Wood Projects

Regards & happy woodworking!