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If you are interested in subscribing to my mailing list, you will receive periodic emails only based on your topic of interest. I have done this to ensure that only relevant information is shared with you. Nobody wants unnecessary “junk mail” or prolific “spammers” flooding their inbox constantly.

I want this to be a mutual engagement of great ideas, new trends and the latest product offers that may interest you. Marketing is a great way connect with people but social media is at the forefront of everything now, although we can’t just assume everyone is the same.

Facebook news feeds, live feeds, Instagram, YouTube and twitter etc etc, just to name a few are one of the many ways people have as part of their everyday routine. However some consider themselves as a “technophobe” They avoid all the hype around new technology and social media along with all the latest craze.

Fair enough if you’re the opposite and love it, for personal and business reasons I need to keep up to date so I’m probably no different from most people. However, I research the market a lot so therefore by signing up to my mailing list, I’ll send you only want you’re interested in and relevant topics. Services, products or just good reading material, I’ll do my best to deliver quality content. Remember, you will be able to opt out at any time.

I look forward to sharing some great resources with you and will do my best to provide you a pleasant user experience.