Woodworking Reviews

John – From Minnesota:

As a keen DIY enthusiast, I don’t often give any woodworking reviews however I can honestly say that the overall package is well worth the money. What you see is pretty much exactly what you get, just as the product description was explained. When I watched the video presentation I was sold on the idea but like everything else I had to try it for myself.

Within the package it contained an introduction to everything, the secure members login area with the extensive rage of woodworking plans. It included all the bonus material & documents, videos and DWG CAD File Viewer. What I thought was a great feature was an e-book on how to start up your own woodworking business.

Further more, there was a deluxe package that included 4 additional extras. Shed plans, resources and references to the plans. The thing that I was really impressed with was the 3D modelling  software. It actually walks you through a step by step guide to downloading the designs and accessing the reference CAD files along with the plans, resources and where they all located.

I was more than satisfied and my confidence in knowing I had a reliable resource truly exceeded my expectations. Sure enough as stated, my cutting list, materials and measurements did reduce the time to complete my project considerably. It saved me money and gave me the results I was looking for.

The handy tips, advice and professional mentoring I received with great customer support reassured me I had made the right decision. You genuinely had a choice of thousands of unique designs and plans, since then I’ve gone on to make subsequent projects.

I would most certainly recommend this to anyone who takes their woodworking seriously. Since then I’ve gone on to make subsequent projects. I would encourage more people who have the benefits of this great resource to share their news. Woodworking reviews help others make a more informed decision when purchasing plans.

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